State of Urgency

by Gaia

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released December 31, 2011


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Gaia Massachusetts

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Track Name: State of Urgency
As I drift through this constant charade called life,
I'm forced to fight with the fact that nothing is right.
On this earth nothing is just, I cant find peace in me.
And all I see in my people is apathy.

No one cares,
no one seeks the truth to fill their empty lives.
You can't realize your brainwashed mind robs an eternal prize.
And all the while I keep feeling this urgency inside me asking me to be set free.

Set me free from this place,
where we've let the demons run amuck.
Being ignorant and complacent is what gives power to all the evil snakes who are hell bent on burning the place down to the ground.

So just sit back and watch your whole world fall apart.
But I wont miss a thing when greed brings this world to it's knee's.
I'll be screaming every night "Fuck your American way of life"
Track Name: Faux News
Con-artists polluting the airwaves, acting is all they know.
And greed driven vultures dish out what's misinformed.

The daily business of life is a corrupt comedy.
How can't you see that we're starting to believe illusions?

They twist the truth to cover all of their backs.
They continue to fucking lie to your face.
As they continue to lie to your face.

Manipulate our minds, re-write our story lines.

We all live with fear. It surrounds us, all around us.

But we can't sit around and watch our countries fall to pieces any longer.
War, murder. This is all we hear.

But let's forget, and move past this with the power of every conscious mind standing up to those who bring us all down.

All that you see on T.V are your worst enemies
who just think that they can undermine.
They'll have you think that you're wrong, that you're not good enough.
But the truth is that you are fucking right.

And in fact we are the ones in control.
And not those who would like to think they own this earth.

Unplug. Unplug and free your mind from the lies.
Track Name: The Root of all Evil
Everyday we slave our bodies.
Work and slave, just work and slave.
As we punch in and out of our fucking minds.

And our souls are the ultimate prices we pay
that keeps fueling this machine,
this power hungry money printing machine, of greed.

Take out the Fed,
burn all of our cash and take back power and liberty.
We are all slaves to the bank.
Assets to unrighteous men who hide in the shadows.
we are nothing more than just their corporate property.

100 years we have been enslaved inside a system that's built to fail.
Take out the Fed, kill the bank.

The American economy is a trap.
All your hard earned money syphons to the rich.

So, could you picture a world with no money?
No need for greed, no one profits off of another human.
Just one evolved human race devoted to each other.
This could be our reality if we'd just demand to be set free.

This is our chance to take our world back, at last.

We have reached a point where all of our institutions have failed us, and are crumbling down around us.
And we are faced with a choice where we can pick them back up, or we can let them go and say I refuse to pay for my own slavery.
Track Name: Chaos Profits
Endless violent wars mislead us
from our only chance at freedom.
They seek control in all nations,
they seek global domination.

We've been deceived to fear that this terror is real.
We've been deceived to believe the enemies are not the black suits and ties who sell their weapons and lies.
But if you listen closely you'll find they slip.

As they tell one more lie after another lie,
they can't keep track.

But most of our country is still asleep,
and still in denial that we are the real terrorists.
We make war while turning the chaos into profit,
chaos profits.

This war on terror is a lie
where we can turn chaos into profit.

Turning the chaos into profit, chaos profits.
Track Name: U.S Inc.
Divide, conquer.
The oldest trick in the book used to enslave nations.

People for centuries have been on their knees,
begging for their salvation.
Well now your anti-christ is here,
and he sits upon a throne built on hope and change.

He's just one more puppet.
Just one more bought president who cares only for his own allegiance to the machine, the highest bidders, the thieves.
All behind scenes with no accountability.
The unseen tyranny breeds subversively,
spilling into our personal miseries.

The illusion of democracy is an insult to your intelligence.

How could one still believe there's democracy,
when both parties are financed by the same crooks
who own this country?

They post their puppets on our screens
Handpicked to pursue private interests.

I have cut the puppet strings from my life.
Track Name: Savior Self
They've twist the truth of the word to keep you on your knees.
Stand up.
Never were you taught that you are the only master of your own salvation.

Because we're a species with amnesia,
we've been tossed into this world of unknowns.

Children are groomed from birth to give into mental slavery.
Do you really believe a man up in the clouds keeps watching your every move?
Why would your loving God send you to burn in hell?

Not one group in time has murdered more than Christianity.
Centuries of rape and torture spits in the face of your beliefs.
Hypocrites and psychopaths playing God is all I've ever seen.
Just another way to give up power to all these thieves and murderers.

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